42nd Gig – Bridgwater, UK 15th Oct 2004

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2nd Gig on the show list binary options india. and we are in Bridgwater this time. Its a Rugby/Football Club. So its mad looking. Definatly not very Punk Rock. but sound system was pretty good. Played with 2 other bands Monkey Toast and Mumrah. Both were excellent, being from Ireland its a novelty to see ska punk bands cause theres basically none over here. And theres fuckling loads in the UK, Monkey toast were pretty good, super hyper singer and they had a weird, Jazz, Ska, hardcore thing going on. Mumrah were excellent. bout 6 of em in the band and they were

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40th Gig Voodoo Lounge 29th Sep 2004

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Voodoo is beginning to feel like home. This Time we were playing with Ashes Left and The World Of Good. I had a bad feeling about this gig all day i knew the actual playing end of it was gonna be cool. But in my bones i could feel there was gonna be issues.
First the Sound Engineer didnt arrive, so Voodoo had to call another guy who ran in. So sound checks started over an hour late. I had received a phonecall the night before from the booker at voodoo asking to add a band onto the bill, that

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43rd Gig – Tramps – Plymouth UK 16th Oct 2004

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Last night of the Mini tour and we are in Koala Attacks hometown. we spent the day trawling around The citys music shops buying Vinyl and Cds and other bits and Pieces. A PA was hired for the venue (Tramps Cafe)
This Gig was excellent, a good interactive crowd in an interesting venue with character. We played our hearts out and i almost collapsed during the last song which was sweet. Again thanks to Koala Attack and all the other bands we played with and the venues that let us play.

Online Store

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Im in the process of trying to figure out an online store for the 20BE wesbite.
You’ll be able to buy 20 Bulls Each Cds and Tshirts etc. Also hopefully we’ll be able to sell shit from other bands of interest. Its poxy complicated though so gimme some time

shows in the dublin area

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hi there… don’t know where to put it, but as it deals with the band aswell, I posted it in here. I only recently moved to ireland and have absolutely no idea where to go. would like to see some hardcore / punk shows. Thing is, I live in the middle of nowhere (little village called stamullen, i think it’s near drogheda, about 40 mins. to dublin by train). If anyone knows something, give me a shout, I see that 20be not playing any dublin shows at the moment but I’d love to see some other hardcore / punk bands

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Vacaville CA Property Management: Tenant Screening

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The Power of Key Words and Phrases

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San Jose Pressure Washer: when It Seems Impossible!

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